About the Larp Initiative

Initiative.  It is the effort and desire behind the win.

We have always put the wishes and desires of our clients ahead of all else, by giving the best possible legal representation.  We don’t take cases based on the size, the area of law, or the rights/damages at stake.  We take clients based on their desire and comfort in working with us.

As a small firm, we are not bound by 9-5 work hours, and make ourselves available to you, based on the hours you work, and the hours you have available to meet and prepare strategy on your case.  We know the law, but we appreciate the fact that only you know the particulars of your case.  Helping you to share 100% of your knowledge is what makes the difference in winning or losing.

We also handle case assignment differently.  Each case is assigned to two attorneys at the same time.  We do this because we do not have a huge office with a million dollar view, nor do we have the huge operating expenses of other lawyers.  Surprising, we type more of our own memos and letters than our support staff types for us!

Because of this, our legal fees are lower, and you always are able to communicate with an attorney – rather than an assistant, secretary or para-legal.  This has been a win-win situation for our clients — two attorneys representing you for the price of one.

We affiliate with other trusted legal offices in Miami, Florida; Chicago, Illinois; Chiang Mai, Thailand; and Cebu, Philippines.  Our affiliates also handle immigration claims and filings.

Welcome to Davis Larp.  What can we do for you today?


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